Johnny Manziel returns to Twitter, says he has “zero desire” to play football

ComebackSZN took on a different meaning over the weekend.

On Friday night, former NFL, Spring League, CFL, and AAF quarterback Johnny Manziel posted a message to the XFL, before deleting his Twitter account: “Oliver Luck. If ya wanna boost your ratings to another level just send me the contract tomorrow and we’re in there. Like I said YEARS ago … XFL2020 give the people what they want.”

Manziel returned to Twitter the next day, and he said this: “Have zero desire to play any football these days. Just love stirring up controversy.”

In the six years since he was selected by the Browns in round one of the draft, Manziel has stirred up more controversy than he has played football. And it could be that his decision to sign with the AAF last year directly contributed to the XFL’s decision to sign him now. As the story goes, the XFL wanted him to commit to the XFL last year in lieu of joining the ill-fated AAF — and that once Manziel opted to play in 2019 for a league that was supposed to be the XFL’s top competitor the XFL decided it didn’t want Manziel at all.

Which is stupid, if true. The XFL should want Manziel. He can’t be worse than the worst of the XFL quarterbacks, and he draws interest.

Still, Manziel has now decided he doesn’t want football, which is fine. (It’s easy to say that, however, when in receipt of no offers to play.) He really hasn’t played all that much in recent years, and nothing he has said or done has gotten an NFL team to even give him a sniff. At this point, it’s likely over.

And that’s a shame. Because if he’d had the maturity and the work ethic to go with his talent in 2014, he could still be playing in the NFL and getting paid accordingly.

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