Gambler turns $1 wager on 15-leg parlay into nearly $15K

One obscenely lucky bettor won $14,700 after hitting on a $1, 15-leg parlay this week. All 15 of the online FanDuel customer’s bets were put on college basketball games.

A parlay bet, also known as an accumulator, combo bet or multi, is a group of two or more individual bets that all need to come to fruition in order for the bettor to cash out. Here’s what needed to happen for this particular bettor to win.

Mississippi +2Penn State-Purdue Over 134.5Eastern Michigan-Central Michigan Over 137.5Bowling Green-Akron Under 150Fordham-Davidson Over 121.5Kentucky-Vanderbilt Under 144New Mexico-San Diego State Under 144.5Utah State-Colorado State Over 143.5Oklahoma State-Kansas State Under 131.5Arkansas-Tennessee Over 133Missouri-LSU Over 144.5Notre Dame-Virginia Under 123Michigan State-Illinois Under 141.5Air Force-Boise State Under 152Nebraska-Maryland Under 144

Though it wasn’t exactly the most stress-inducing bet, perhaps the most impressive one to hit of that group is the game between Notre Dame and Virginia. Despite going into overtime, the team came nowhere close to hitting the total of 123 — it came out to 99.

As for bets that probably put sweat in the bettor’s brow, Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt, Michigan State vs. Illinois and Nebraska vs. Maryland all came within two points of going over their respective line. The two Big Ten games both went to the wire and could have easily broken this legendary parlay had the final possession gone any different.

Whoever this person is, they’ve earned the right to photoshop their face over that meme of Adam Sandler in “Uncut Gems” saying “This is how I win.”

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