2020 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: Late-round picks, bounceback candidates highlight top picks

Feb 13, 2020

4:28 pm ET
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We all love talking about sleepers for Fantasy, but nobody really knows what the term actually means. Is it strictly late-round players? Is it players who are just generally undervalued by the Fantasy community — the players everyone is proverbially “sleeping” on? Is it something else entirely?

I posed the question to my colleagues from the CBS Fantasy team in our Slack channel, and I present a lightly edited transcript of the discussion that followed:

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chris.towers: So, the age old question for @here: What is a “sleeper”? Can someone like Giancarlo Stanton, a 5th/6th round pick count?
heath.cummings: I have pretty much never chosen someone from the single-digit rounds, I don’t think.
dave.richard: The connotation of a sleeper involves a late-round pick … I tend to view sleepers as underrated value picks.
chris.towers: Ah, but Giancarlo Stanton is an underrated value pick! Unless you ask @scott.white.
dave.richard: I can see the argument for that, but couldn’t he also be a bounce-back candidate?
ben.gretch: I think Stanton can be a sleeper, personally. Lower ADP than years past, you’re arguing that’s wrong, people are sleeping on him. It does seem in Fantasy the word has morphed to mean something specific i.e. later rounds, though.
dave.richard: It’s easy to call him a sleeper and then explain that sleepers can come in almost any round. “What else could he possibly be?”

What else could he possibly be, indeed. I like to embrace the ambiguity of the word “sleeper,” because it allows me the flexibility to write about a wider range of players, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. For my first official round of sleeper picks, I’m going to throw out three different categories of sleeper for you to consider:

Bounce-back candidates — Established players coming off down seasons presenting good Draft Day valuesDraftable sleepers — Players who will go off the board in most leagues who you should make a point to target in the back half of your draftDeep sleepers — Players you can target with your last few picks

What do they all have in common? If they hit, each of these players has the potential to provide a significant return on your draft investment. Isn’t that the best definition of “sleeper” possible?

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