Super Bowl squares strategy 2020: How to win at football squares, best numbers to target

Super Bowl squares have become one of the most popular ways to participate about the big game. And if you’ve never played squares, it’s really simple. The betting game, popular at gameday parties and among office co-workers, plays out on a grid that contains 100 empty squares in rows and columns of 10. Think of it as a souped-up version of Bingo. 

One Super Bowl team is assigned the horizontal rows, its opponent the vertical columns. Numbers between zero and nine are chosen for each column and row. They determine every possible point combination, with the number referring to the last digit of each team’s score.

For example, if the final score of Super Bowl LIV ends up being 49ers 30, Chiefs 27, then the person who has the square corresponding to a zero for the 49ers and seven for the Chiefs wins. Some pools randomly determine who gets which squares, while others auction off each spot. Some pools pay out at the end of every quarter, while others award bonus prizes for the halftime score. There’s a method to winning your Super Bowl squares, and SportsLine’s Mike Tierney knows what it is.

Part of his success: Tierney is a seasoned veteran when it comes to covering the NFL. A national sportswriter whose work appears in The New York Times and Los Angeles Times, he has reported from seven Super Bowls. He knows what it takes to win at Super Bowl squares, and has several surprising strategies to give you an edge.

Tierney knows, for example, that the number four has cashed in four of the last seven Super Bowls and has appeared in 28.3 percent of the 53 previous Super Bowls. Tierney also knows that zero has been a winner 24.5 percent of the time in Super Bowls.

But Tierney knows there’s a certain square that can land you a big payday in the 2020 Super Bowl between the 49ers and Chiefs. There is also a number that you need to avoid like the plague, appearing in just four final scores. He’s sharing his Super Bowl squares strategy here.

So what numbers should you pay a premium for in your Super Bowl football pool, and in what combinations? Visit SportsLine now to get Mike Tierney’s detailed Super Bowl squares strategy, all from the seasoned expert who’s reported from seven Super Bowls, and find out.

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