Alex Cora cheating scandal: Celtics coach Brad Stevens reacts: ‘I was sad about the whole thing’

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens spoke out about the firing of Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora after he and the team mutually agreed to part ways on Tuesday over MLB‘s sign-stealing investigation. Major League Baseball’s discoveries lead to multiple punishments for the Houston Astros who were the subject of a separate investigation that implicated Cora in the Astros’ sign-stealing scheme. 

Being with the Astros as the bench coach in 2017 during their World Series championship win and then joining the Red Sox in 2018 as the manager — where he won another ring, Cora has come under fire and is awaiting his punishment from the league. 

Before any suspension could come, Boston cut ties with manager and many fans and players have reacted to the news. 

Speaking to media, Stevens discussed the reports and how he felt about seeing Cora’s time in the city come to an end. 

Stevens said: 

“I read the report; obviously there was going to be fallout from the report. But I know Alex well, gotten to know him, we’re friends. I feel badly for him.”

He talked about how Cora’s choices lead to these consequences, but that will not change the time they have spent together. 

“Obviously, there’s always consequences. It sounded like based on his statement and the Red Sox statement, they understood that”, Stevens said. “That doesn’t change how vibrant he is when he walks in a room, how much he raises the energy level of the room, how good he’s been to me.”

Stevens concluded saying, “I was sad about the whole thing.”

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