Nate Diaz paid back fan who lost a bet on his UFC 244 fight against Jorge Masvidal

Nate Diaz dropped his ‘BMF’ title fight to Jorge Masvidal earlier this month in a third-round TKO stoppage. A fan, who decided to wager some money on Diaz then took to social media to talk about his financial losses, and that’s where Diaz stepped in, outside of the octagon.

A week after UFC 244, the fan commented on one of Diaz’s Instagram posts and said that he had lost all of his rent money betting on Diaz to win the fight. The user, unknownkillers213, later admitted that he wasn’t living in his car, but that didn’t stop Diaz from sending some money to the social media user.

Diaz ended up asking for his PayPal information and reimbursed him. Unknownkillers213 then provided an update on the situation, and couldn’t help but express gratitude for Diaz sending the money. 

Update for everyone asking me, Yes Nate actually helped me out Nate is the true OG BMF he sent me more money than what I lost on my bet and I’m using it to buy from his cbd company “Game Up” Nate is a really cool guy when I made that post I didn’t think twice about it I didn’t even think he would see it and I even let him know that I wasn’t really sleeping in my car it was more of a joke but it was awesome the way he responded and the fact that he refunded me and gave me some extra cash just goes to show he is a man of the people !!!   

The fight was stopped in the third round after Diaz sustained multiple cuts around his eye. The ringside doctor was forced to call it much to his disapproval of the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Diaz lost each of the first two rounds and may have still lost if the fight went to a decision. It was just the second fight for Diaz since 2016.

Regardless of what fans may feel about Diaz’s antics in and out of the octagon, Diaz definitely made a fan for life with his gratitude. 

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