Bill Callahan has complete control of 53-player roster

Bill Callahan has something Jay Gruden didn’t have. Besides a victory this season, Washington’s interim coach also has complete control of the 53-player roster, JP Finlay of NBC Sports Washington reports.

The team agreed to Callahan’s terms when they fired Gruden after an 0-5 start. What choice did Washington have. really?

Callahan has signed a fullback, gone back to Adrian Peterson and the running game, turned over nearly the entire practice squad and changed the tenor of practice. His decisions at quarterback have proved the biggest departure from Gruden.

Colt McCoy started Gruden’s final game. McCoy was third string in Callahan’s first game as interim coach the next week.

Case Keenum was Callahan’s choice at quarterback until the veteran was diagnosed with a concussion in Week Eight. Dwayne Haskins started last week, but Callahan has not committed to Haskins remaining the starter when the team returns from its off week.

The decision is Callahan’s, according to Finlay. The team is Callahan’s.

Will it remain that way beyond this season?

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