ESPN’s Randy Moss shares flight mishap

On Saturday night, the Fork Union Military Academy football team played its final game of the season, a road loss to Woodberry Forest School in Virginia.

It was the last game of senior Montigo Moss’ career, and his father was in attendance. But Moss’ father had work to tend to on Sunday morning, so he boarded an early morning plane.

Things didn’t exactly go as planned.

Montigo Moss’ father is newly minted Pro Football Hall of Famer Randy Moss, and Randy had to be on the ESPN campus for his gig as a member of the “Sunday NFL Countdown” on-camera crew.

Wrong way: ESPN personality Randy Moss said his pilot went to the wrong Bristol on Sunday. (Ric Tapia/Getty Images)


At the start of Sunday’s show, host Sam Ponder asked Moss about his travels.

“I want to give a shoutout to the people of Bristol, Tenn.!” Moss said, drawing laughs from his cohort.

“I had to come up here, I had an 8 o’clock meeting, stopped off at my son’s last football game of his senior year and the pilot tells me, ‘We have about an hour and five, hour and 10 minute flight.’ Cool. I laid back, put my hat over my eyes, lay the visor down. Once we land, I’m looking for the Sheraton, the hotel that connects at Bradley [Airport].

“I said, ‘Hey! Where are we?’ He said, ‘We’re in Bristol.’ I said, ‘Bristol?’ Bristol, Tenn.! I was supposed to be in Bristol, Conn. Team, I’m just glad I’m here.”

Bradley Airport is in Hartford, about 35 miles north of Bristol, where ESPN is headquartered. Tri-Cities Airport, which serves Bristol, Tenn., is over 700 miles from ESPN.

Montigo Moss and Fork Union lost, 48-22, though Moss had 10 catches for 101 yards and a touchdown.

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