LaVar Ball says sons Lonzo and LaMelo will never sign with Nike and will stick with Big Baller Brand

Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball signing with Nike is out of the picture, at least according to their father LaVar Ball. 

The senior member of the Ball family has been known to be outspoken, to put it lightly, when it comes to his sons, and he is not slowing down when it comes to control. Lonzo and LeMelo have been inching away from the Big Baller Brand since the alleged embezzlement scheme involving company co-founder Alan Foster, but LaVar is still wanting to run things when it comes to his sons. 

When asked about signing elsewhere LaVar said (via TMZ):

“Lonzo can think all day. He ain’t sign with nobody. Big Baller Brand. That’s what I said.”

These comments come after Lonzo said in an episode of Ball in the Family that he would keep his options open and not sign with any brand quite yet, including BBB. Clearly, he is not on the same page as his dad. 

Big Baller Brand is not a very appealing option at the moment, as it hasn’t been a legitimate company for months and currently does not have a working website. 

The hesitation to sign with his dad’s company may also come from Lonzo calling the brand “demolished” back in August. That’s not exactly the way you would describe a company that you want to go into business with. 

If LaVar needs any more hints that his sons are not all aboard the Big Baller Brand train, Lonzo and LaMelo have both not worn shoes from the company during play this year. 

The effort to get them on board is commendable (I guess?), but it may be time to start letting them make their own decisions when it comes to footwear. 

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