MLB wild card standings: Magic numbers, MLB playoff odds as Braves clinch NL East

The 2019 regular season is nearing its final week, and that means the focus is squarely on the various and sundry playoff races. To get you in that high-stakes mindset, we’ve got our daily postseason reset below. Therein you’ll find where each and every race stands as the day’s MLB slate begins. We’ll also keep running tabs on which teams have been eliminated from playoff contention. Onward!

If the season ended today …

In the event of a tie for the a division crown or the second wild-card playoff spot, the two teams would play a one-game tiebreaker to determine the winner. There are more complicated tiebreaker scenarios for three- and four-team ties.

National League
· NL Wild Card Game: Brewers at Nationals (Tuesday, Oct. 1)
· NLDS: Wild Card Game winner at Dodgers; Cardinals at Braves (begins Thursday, Oct. 3)  

American League
· AL tiebreaker game: Indians at Rays (Monday, Sept. 30)  
· AL Wild Card Game: Tiebreaker game winner at Athletics (Wednesday, Oct. 2)
· ALDS: Wild Card Game winner at Astros; Twins at Yankees (begins Friday, Oct. 4)

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Division leaders and race for home-field advantage

National League
· NL East: Braves (95-60) | Clinched
· NL Central: Cardinals (87-67) | Magic number: 6
· NL West: Dodgers (99-55) | Clinched

American League
· AL East: Yankees (100-55) | Clinched
· AL Central: Twins (95-59) | Magic number: 5
· AL West: Astros (101-53) | Magic number: 1

In each playoff series, the team with the better record earns the right to play a decisive Game 5 (in LDS play) or Game 7 (in LCS and World Series play) at home. As such, the team with the best overall record in MLB gains home-field advantage throughout the postseason. The Astros currently hold a slim lead over the Yankees for the best record in baseball. It is worth nothing Houston won the season series (4-3) and owns the homefield advantage tiebreaker.

To break any ties for home-field advantage, head-to-head records are used. If that doesn’t do the trick, then records versus divisional opponents and records versus league opponents (i.e. NL team vs. NL opponents and AL team vs. AL opponents) are used, in that order.

Race for wild card spots

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National League
· Wild card No. 1: Nationals (84-68) | SportsLine’s postseason odds: 94.1 percent   
· Wild card No. 2: Brewers (84-70) | SportsLine’s postseason odds: 93.8 percent
· Teams on the outside looking in: Cubs (82-72, 2 GB), Mets (80-73, 3 1/2 GB), Phillies (78-74, 5 GB), Diamondbacks (79-75, 5 GB)

American League
· Wild card No. 1: Athletics (93-61) | SportsLine’s postseason odds: 97.0 percent
· Wild card No. 2: Rays (91-63) | SportsLine’s postseason odds: 62.7 percent; Indians (91-63) | 40.3 percent

Teams clinched

National League
· Dodgers, NL West title | SportsLine’s World Series odds: 27.2 percent (Dodgers have also clinched home-field advantage for the NLDS round)
· Braves, NL East title | SportsLine’s World Series odds: 7.5 percent

American League
· Yankees, AL East title | SportsLine’s World Series odds: 12.5 percent
· Astros, postseason berth | SportsLine’s World Series odds: 31.6 percent

Teams eliminated from postseason contention

National League

American League

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