NFL odds, picks: Play for $1 million every week in Parlay Pick’em game at CBS Sports

The 2019 NFL season has been nothing if not a factory for drama and excitement, but there’s a brand-new free challenge from CBS Sports that’ll take it to the next level. Built for the SportsLine community, the Parlay Pick’Em game gives fans a chance to win a $1 million jackpot — every single week! — for predicting a perfect pro football slate.

Think you’ve got a good feel for who’s going to win in Week 3, with matchups like the Dallas Cowboys vs. Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots vs. New York Jets begging to be bet on? This might be for you!

There’s also $10,000 on the line for the person who earns the most points from all their parlays during the 2019 season. If this sounds like fun or worth a shot, well, we’ve got good news for you: The Parlay Pick’Em game is quick and easy to join, with no entry free required. That’s right. It’s free to enter!

You can even use your SportsLine email and password to join. Just enter the challenge, submit your parlay card and you’re in contention. You can even invite other people to play against you in a private group with your own scoreboard to double up on the fun.

And that’s not even mentioning maybe the best part of Parlay Pick’em — SportsLine members get real-time access to our computer simulation picks right in the game. It’s the perfect cheat code for building your parlays, nailing your picks and taking home some money.

You can join any time during the season, but why wait? The earlier in the season you start, the more chances you have to win. So submit your parlay slip now at or by downloading the CBS Sports App today.

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