Semi-pro kicker takes red-eye from Utah for Jets tryout, holds up sign begging for a chance

The New York Jets have realized they need to go another route when it comes to their kicker position after Kaare Vedvik failed to impress at the season opener on Sunday. The team held tryouts to test the kicking waters and one New Jersey native thinks he should get a chance in the NFL.

Usually, the tryouts are not open to anyone who feels their leg could get a ball through the uprights, but Josh Henshaw is making his case and begging the team to give him a shot. According to his very own sign, Henshaw flew on a red-eye from Utah to New Jersey to make the tryouts and came with a sign that reads in part: “Please let me kick …92% last 5 seasons semi pro. 57 long in game. Have film just need a shot. 92% on field goals!!!” Extra points for going with Jets green and using multiple exclamation points to show enthusiasm.

A friend told the wannabe NFL kicker about the tryout and had just assumed it was open to everyone. Even after learning this was not an open house, Henshaw decided to test his luck and book the flight anyway. “I took a look into it, saw they weren’t open,” he said on the radio show. “I booked the next flight, a red-eye from Salt Lake City. Left at 8:30 last night and landed at 5:30 this morning at Newark,” he said on WFAN. “And now I’m here.” Seems simple enough.

The potential future kicker for the New York Jets (ok that may be getting a little ahead of ourselves here) even rang up the Jets to alert them of his presence. “I put a call in to the front office and just said that I’m going to be showing up and hopefully you guys will let me in,” Henshaw said. “I have the ability and I want to showcase it because I can compete for the starting spot.”

The 30-year-old is not completely random, he does have college, semi-pro experience and club under his belt. He says his experience includes kicking recently for the semi-pro team Tri-County Owls, for Lackawanna College and a club team and University of Vermont. He campaigned by calling into WFAN’s “Boomer & Gio” show and actually got Boomer Esiason to text Jets head coach Adam Gase while on the radio. 

Esiason read the text to Gase that said:

“A guy just called our show who is a kicker who kicked in college and semi-pro. He’s standing outside of your facility with a sign. He took a red-eye from Salt Lake. He just wants a shot. You can check him out on YouTube, as we did, at Josh Henshaw Kicks. Seems like a pretty solid dude chasing a dream. May end up being a great story.”

We hate to be the ones to break the bad news to Henshaw and any fans he has, but it seems the Jets are going in another direction. Ian Rapoport reported that the Jets are likely going to sign free agent kicker Sam Ficken, who won the kicker workout on Tuesday. 

Maybe the next NFL opening will go better for Henshaw.

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