Manchester City vs. Tottenham: Why Gabriel Jesus’ goal was disallowed after use of VAR

Manchester City looked like it had beaten Tottenham on Saturday in Premier League play when Gabriel Jesus put the ball away in added time, but Video Assistant Referee stole the show again as the strike was disallowed, leaving the teams to finish in a 2-2 draw. But why, exactly? Well, a rule change, that’s why.

Last season, an unintentional handball that resulted in a goal or created a goal could stand, but this season the Premier League adopted a rule where even unintentional handballs that result in a goal or help create a goal are illegal. 

On the ball into the box, Aymeric Laporte’s arm made contact with the ball before it fell to Gabriel Jesus, thus resulting in the goal being overturned. Take a look below, with NBC Sports’ Rebecca Lowe explaining it:

That was one of the big rule changes this season, and to me it seems fair. A handball is now a handball pretty much every time. 

VAR did its job there, whether you like it or not. It’s safe to say that right now City hates it and Spurs love it.

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