Thunderous Canadian basketball league drunk dramatically brings down shot clock

The Canadian Elite Basketball League may need to invest in sturdier baskets and shot clocks if Sampson Carter is going to stick around. The Hamilton Honey Badgers forward threw down a dunk with such authority on Friday night that it effectively caused a shot clock to plummet to its death on the floor below. 

After Carter hung on the rim following his two-handed jam, the hoop began rocking back and fort, causing the clock to shake loose before it dramatically tumbled to the hardwood.

It was either a case of a thunderous jam causing destruction or a case of someone not properly screwing in the clock tight enough. Either way, it resulted in a completely different kind of shot clock violation.

That’s probably quite an expensive dunk, but luckily it wasn’t as costly as it could have been. No players were underneath the hoop or in the direct vicinity of the destruction, though a few of Carter’s teammates did have a front row seat for the show. Nobody had a better reaction than the one who threw himself to the floor like the clock caused a gigantic earthquake as it crashed down.

Carter, 28, is a Baton Rouge native who played college ball for UMass from 2009-2014. After going undrafted in the 2014 NBA draft, he signed with the Memphis Grizzlies and appeared in six preseason games before being waived by the team. He’s bounced around a bit since then, but he’s clearly committed to doing as much damage north of the border as he can.

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