5 things learned from Milwaukee Bucks-Toronto Raptors Game 5

We mean this in two ways. First, is the wall of players in which the Raptors surround Giannis Antetokounmpo when he tries to drive to the basket. Antetokounmpo solved this early, often passing out of it to lead to good shots for the Bucks. In fact, Giannis had five assists in the first quarter … and then just one the rest of the game. The Raptors have done a good job on Antetokounmpo all series with this defense. His offensive rating is 99.9. Against Detroit it was 115.2 and vs. Boston 121.2. Second is the figurative wall the Bucks seem to have collectively hit. The Raptors have made it past the first round before and Leonard has played extended postseason games every year of his career but one, twice making the Finals with San Antonio. Milwaukee is new to all this. The Bucks haven’t been able to muster the energy or consistent effort like Toronto has done. In Game 4, Antetokounmpo said the Bucks came out flat in the third quarter. In the second quarter of Game 5, Milwaukee had a stretch where it made just 1 of 14 shots and only had two points in the entire quarter until there was 4:24 remaining. After the game, Antetokounmpo said the Bucks had the best record in the NBA and aren’t about to fold. But this isn’t about the regular season any more or, really, folding. It’s about intensity, energy, consistency and understanding the moment. It’s not to late to fix all of that, but time, obviously, is running out.

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