WATCH: Raymond Daniels delivers absurd 720-degree spinning punch for brutal knockout at Bellator Birmingham

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in mixed martial arts, a fighter steps up and surprises you. Take Raymond Daniels, for example. The Bellator MMA rising prospect faced off with Wilker Barros on Saturday night in Birmingham, England, looking for his first win in MMA at age 39 after a storied kickboxing career.

In just one round, Daniels showed the world just how devastating he can be in the sport. After landing a spinning front kick that sent Barros back against the cage, Daniels looked to set up and unreal shot from close range. He spun not once, but twice in the air before throwing a right hook that landed flush on Barros’ chin, knocking him out cold immediately. A 720-degree spin that almost seems impossible.

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Barros was clearly in bad shape as soon as he hit the canvas. Many have hoped to see this kind of flash out of Daniels now that he’s joined the MMA ranks with plenty of pundits (including this one) hoping to one day see him square off against Paul “Semtex” Daley. The welterweight ended his kickboxing career on an eight-fight winning streak and as the Bellator kickboxing champion.

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