College basketball rankings: Tennessee jumps up in the Top 25 And 1 after knocking off Kentucky

Duke should be the No. 1 overall seed in the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Virginia and North Carolina should also be No. 1 seeds. And the fourth No. 1 seed, I think, should go to Tennessee — provided, of course, that the Vols beat Auburn in Sunday’s title game of the SEC Tournament.

The Top 25 and 1 reflects as much.

I moved the Vols from sixth to fourth after Saturday’s win over Kentucky — which pushed Gonzaga from fourth to fifth, no fault of its own. Kentucky is now sixth. And basically, at least for me, it comes down to this: If Tennessee beats Auburn, the Vols will be 16-4 in Quadrant 1/Quadrant 2 opportunities. But if Tennessee loses to Auburn, the Vols will drop to 15-5 in Quadrant 1/Quadrant 2 opportunities. Either way, Gonzaga is 10-3 in Quadrant 1/Quadrant opportunities — meaning the Vols will soon either have a higher winning percentage or a lower winning percentage in Quadrant 1/Quadrant 2 games than Gonzaga depending on whether UT beats, or loses to, Auburn. So if the Vols win, I’d give them a No. 1 seed. But if the Vols lose, I’d give that No. 1 seed to Gonzaga and drop Tennessee to the second line.

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So the stakes are high in Nashville.

Selection Sunday is here.

Should be fun.

Sunday’s Top 25 And 1

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