2019 Players Championship purse, prize money: Payouts for each golfer from $12.5 million pool

A collection of 73 golfers will be playing for more prize money than has ever been doled out at a professional golf tournament on Sunday at the 2019 Players Championship. A total of $12.5 million will be distributed with the winner getting a whopping $2.25 million.

This $1.5 million increase is not only the biggest purse in Players history, it’s also the biggest current purse in golf and the biggest one in golf history, too. As if playing for one of the most coveted titles in the world wasn’t already enough pressure.

Finishing last isn’t all that bad either as 70th gets $25,000, and the three golfers below that will get something similar. Here’s a look at how all the money is distributed as players in the top 10 duke it out for ridiculous sums of money come Sunday afternoon.


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