Kirk Lacob jokes about real reason Andrew Bogut signed with Warriors

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Andrew Bogut is going to be rocking a Warriors uniform again very soon.

Returning to Golden State was an opportunity the 34-year old couldn’t pass up.

“To come back to the NBA, for me, was basically Golden State or nothing. But the fact it was Golden State – it was the kind of opportunity that I would be kicking myself if I didn’t take.”

That’s what Bogut told Marc Stein of The New York Times last week. You can’t blame the guy for wanting another shot at winning a championship. But was that the main reason he chose to come back?

“I know he’s extremely excited to get here. Unfortunately, he missed our yearly poker tournament. I know that’s the real reason he re-signed,” assistant GM Kirk Lacob jokingly said on KNBR 680 on Thursday evening. “He’s the self-proclaimed best poker player in the organization.”

Bogut didn’t miss the tournament back in 2014, when he apparently finished in second place.

He played again in 2016 but had a bad night at the table.

Based on some old tweets, the guy really loves poker.

But that is the reason why I love #Poker. So much can happen. Some days you’re the bird, the other days the statue.

— Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) February 19, 2014

Bit of Cold Chisel and Poker with the felllas on this looooooong flight back to the bay. #aussierock

— Andrew Bogut (@andrewbogut) March 6, 2014

Back in mid-December, Steph Curry conducted a Twitter Q&A. Bogut took the time to ask a question and Curry obviously answered that one:

Bogut then responded to Curry’s answer.

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Isn’t making fun of Klay Thompson the best?!

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